The Manchester-based Ziegler and Company was the first firm known to have organized the production and export of oriental carpets in Iran with Western Capital. They subsequently played a key role in the late 19th Century ‘boom’ in carpet export from Persia. This demand was itself stimulated by several factors, including the great world fairs and museum exhibitions. Also the increased wealth produced in America by the railways and the subsequent resulting trade. Today the term ‘Ziegler’ is used in the market as a label of quality to describe a range of 19th Century decorative carpets produced at Sultan Abad (Arak) where Ziegler had first established an agency in 1867. The weaving of Zeigler rugs began in the Arak province, however, they are now made all over the Persian region. Most new Ziegler designs are crafted in Afghanistan and labeled Chobi which translates in Farsi to wood, a reference to their natural color created by the vegetable dye.