In case of damage, almost any problem has a solution with a professional restoration. Old and antique rugs sometimes need to be rewoven when they are worn and restored to life.  Consult our experienced professional for your rug restoration & cleaning.

We have years of extensive experience in providing the skilled care necessary to preserve hand knotted rugs and hand woven kilims, including treasured family heirlooms, collectible museum-quality antique rugs, and pieces appreciated for their decorative value in clients' homes.





To repair and restore rugs and kilims is a skill and labor-intensive process, which can include:

- sourcing the right yarns to be used for the repair or restoration.
- protecting the surrounding areas around the damage.
- rebuilding all damaged or missing warp.
- repiling while recreating missing or damaged motifs.
- weaving weft to tighten knots or to recreate missing motifs as in the case of kilims.
- binding selvages (selvedges) to prevent the edges from fraying
- binding and rebuilding fringes to prevent unraveling