The town of Mahallat is located southwest of Arak. Mahallat is not only famous for its rugs and carpets, but also for its mineral springs. Every year, people from all around Iran visit these springs for their healthful qualities. Interestingly, Antique Mahal (Mahallat ) rugs and carpets are found with both tribal and curvilinear motifs. This attribute derives from the unique position of the city of Mahallat, which is between the cities of Arak and Delijan, on the path of the tribal people of southern Iran. Mahal (Mahallat) rugs and carpets come in different sizes, but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet). You can also find large rugs up to 12 x 18 feet. Dark red and khaki are the main colors and the majority of the borders are blue.